Mango Hefe - Weissbier


by KevDog
Recipe Type: All Grain
Batch Size: 0
Boil Size: 0
Boil Time: 60 Minutes
Efficiency: 60%
OG: 1.046
FG: 1.011
ABV: 4.59%
Bitterness: 11.03 (tinseth)
IBU/OG: 0.24
Color: 3.7° SRM
Calories: 4.59 per 330ml


% fermentable ppg L usage
69.2% 0 Pale Wheat - CA 36 2 Mash
23.1% 0 Pale 2-Row - CA 36 1 Mash
7.7% 0 Rice Hulls - US 0 0 Mash


variety type usage time AA IBUs
0 Domestic Hallertau Pellet Boil 60 Minutes 4.2 11.03


amount unit name time usage
2 Mango 0 minutes Boil


67 C mash for 60 min. Requires primary and secondary pressurized fermentation kegs as well as cooling control. Floating dip tubes recommended. Start fermentation at 20 c using a Hefe ale yeast. Reduce temperature to 17 over 24 hours. After 4 days when Krausen is reduced, prepare mango and transfer. Prepare mango by freezing then/or thawing and dicing into small pieces. Pasturize in as little water as possible at ~70 c for 30 min. Add pectin enzyme to prevent haze and increase extraction. Let cool and add mango/water mixture to a sanitized secondary fermentation keg. CO2 purge the secondary keg and transfer onto the mango. Spund at 15 psi for 5 days. Increase temperature to 21 c for 1 day diacytl rest, then cold crash to 0 c and let settle for 3 days. Transfer again if desired to maintain the amount of yeast in suspension, or bottle right away. The beer should be bright in colour, light, and hazy with a some aroma of clove and banana. The mango will add a noticeable but not overpowering tartness and fruitiness and might contribute to a brighter yellow colour.